Disetronic Accu-chek Ultraflex I Infusion Set, 10mm/60cm, 24"

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Product Details

  • Product ID: 40053
  • Manufacturer: Disetronic
  • Medicare Allow: 0.00
  • Packaging: 10 per Box
  • Packaging Contains: 40 (BOX of 10)


  • features a reversible disconnect at the cannula site, with an audible click connection that makes connecting and disconnecting a simple, one-handed process
  • comes with a blue holder cap to ease insertion by providing a larger grip surface
  • also features pvc-free, double-layer tubing with an inner layer of polyethylene and an outer layer of polyurethane, and a silicone-coated, tapered cannula with a short introducer needle for smooth, comfortable insertion
  • features a universal luer lock
  • introducer needle is 27-gauge stainless steel
  • cannula is 25-gauge soft teflon
  • 90 degree insertion angle
  • 10 complete sets per box
  • 10-mm cannula
  • 24” (60-cm) tubing
  • 10/bx